creating_flow_omnifocusAllen,  die sich etwas intensiver mit Omnifocus beschäftigen wollen, kann ich das Buch von Kourosh Dini (Psychologe und Musiker) „Creating Flow with Omnifocus (second edition)“ nur wärmstens empfehlen.
Der Normalpreis von 50$ kann durch den Aufruf dieses Links auf 30$ reduziert werden (Upgrade/ Educational Preis).
Das Buch ist nur in englischer Sprache und digitaler Ausgabe erhältlich.

Im Folgenden ein kurzer Auszug aus Kourosh Dinis Inhaltsverzeichnis:

Creating Flow with OmniFocus helps you to easily guide your work, play, and productivity throughout the days, weeks, and years using the strength of the task and project manager, OmniFocus. Creating Flow guides you from the basics to the most advanced uses one step at a time.

The second edition streamlines and builds upon the ideas of the original. Beyond simply describing the use of Omnifocus, Creating Flow integrates concepts from the eLit award-winning Workflow Mastery: Building from the Basics into a smooth, near self-sustaining system.

The first half helps a user build a central dashboard around which many tasks and projects can be guided. The latter half builds upon the system not only for various daily uses but for developing mastery in chosen endeavors. Large projects such as writing books, studying for courses, developing skill sets, and more can be integrated into a ready system of daily work.

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